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why use Torco lubricants?
Professional Series:

With over 60 years of ongoing research and development in all forms of racing, the Torco Professional Series includes lubricants for every type of racing engine, transmission and differential. The engine oils contain our proprietary additive technology "MPZ" a mixture of liquid molybdenum, phosphorus and heavy levels of zinc. When engine parts reach their threshold, the "MPZ" additive chemistry protects with a boundary lubricating film - an anti wear separation layer between all metal engine components.

Torco Professional Series products reduce frictional losses and maximize horsepower and torque, while reducing engine wear and temperatures!
Super Street Series:
SR-1 Street, TD-1 & SD-1 Diesel Oil
These products provide "maximum" protection for all High Performance street cars both Import and domestic as well as, Hot Rods, Classics, Sports Cars and Trucks. All products are catalytic safe and exceed API and CI-4/SL ratings.
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