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Engine Assembly Kit

Engine Assembly Kit

MPZ Engine Assembly Lubes provide the anti-wear and anti-friction chemistry for complete coverage and protection of all internal engine parts during initial start-up and break-in.

  • MPZ Engine Assembly Lube, in "liquid" form, for rod and main bearings, timing chains/gears, wrist pins, etc
  • MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP, in "gel" form, for cam lobes, cam bearings, oil gears, distributor gears, etc.
  • MPZ Engine Assembly Lube Spray, in "spray" form, for valve springs, rocker arms, push rods, cylinder wall, etc.

TBO Premium Break-in Oil is perfectly balanced to provide maximum wear protection during initial start-up and break-in of all new and rebuilt engines while allowing rings to "seat" properly.

High Performance Zince Enhanced Engine Protector (ZEP) adds wear protection back into motor oil and protects high performance engines, especially those with flat tapped cams. For use with initial oil change and each oil change there after.

1 - 4oz. bottle of Engine Assembly Lube
1 - 1oz. tube of High Pressure Assembly Lube
1 - 4oz. can of Engine ASsembly Spray
5 - 1 liter bottles of Premium Break-in Oil
1 - 12oz. bottle of Zinc Additive



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