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Gear Oil

RGO Racing Gear Oil
1 Liter Bottle

RGO is formulated using highly refined petroleum base stocks and select additive systems to improve gear protection and high temperature stability. Special high adhesion polymers focus on shear stability, thermal stability and high shock load protection. RGO carries a higher concentration of extreme pressure additives, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-foam to prevent fluid degradation and extend life of all drive components.

- Premium racing grade formula
- Excellent thermal and shear stability
- High shock load and extreme pressure chemistry
- Extends life of all drive components

SAE 80W-90
Recommended for differentials, transmissions or transfer cases requiring an SAE 80W90, SAE 90 GL-5 or GL-6 rated gear oil. Highly recommended for high performance or racing applications.

SAE 85W-140
Recommended for differentials, transmissions and transfer cases requiring an SAE 80W140 or 85W140 GL-5 or GL-6 rated gear oil. Highly recommended for heavily loaded or high shock loaded racing and performance applications.

SAE 250 (not shown - available in 5 gallon & 55 gallon quantities only)
Recommended for alcohol & fuel funny car, dragster, tractor pull and off road truck applications.

Note: For limited-slip or posi-traction differentials use Torco Limited Slip Friction Modifier Type F (for all applications except GM) or Type G (for all GM applications)




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