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Zinc Engine Protector

Zinc Engine Protector
12 oz. Bottle

Torco “ZEP” Zinc Enhanced Engine Protector
Torco ZEP is formulated to “add back” the necessary zinc to API SL & SM oil rating. Oils carrying these ratings DO NOT provide an adequate amount of zinc, which is the critical anti-wear element for complete wear protection in pre-1997 engines. Zinc levels in API SM oils have been reduced by over 33% versus API SJ rating.


  • Contains Torco MPZ, a perfect balance of moly, phosphorus & zinc, which is a proprietary friction fighting chemistry that adds wear protection back into all motor oils.
  • Increases zinc to minimum of +1,200 PPM when mixed with up to 6 quarts or 6 liters of oil; mixes with all synthetic and mineral based oils.
  • Torco ZEP can be used for added “protection” during engine break-in. It “stays put” and won’t rub off, scrape off, burn off or scuff off!
  • Torco ZEP coats all engine parts and protects against “dry starts” a leading cause of engine damage in vehicles kept in storage or driven infrequently.
  • Torco ZEP is the solution to protecting High Performance engines in Hot Rods, Sports, Classics and Muscle cars.



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